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The fuseholder is only used to assembl in the drop out fuse cutouts, fuse holder carry the HV fuse, it is a wear part, can be taken out from fuse cutout via a load buster stick.
Product Overview
Product parameters
When the inner arc-extinguishing layer is burnt over caused by fuse links being meltdown, this fuseholder must be replaced with a new one, it mainly perform the isolation and carrying current.
According to user requirement, the fuse tube can be assembled with the different brass casting parts to match different model fuse cutouts, to order to achieve the high interrupting capacity, we suggest the user add a proper arc shortening rod (ASC).
If upper side of fuseholder assembled with a stainless steel blade, also the fuse base assembled with arc chamber, so the fuse cutout can cut off the line with normal load/current.
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General Technical Data of Fuseholders

NO Rated voltage
PF/impulse withstand
Rated maxi current(A) Outer dia. Of fuse tube
General interrupting
capacity (with ASR)
1 10/12 35/75 100 25.4 12
200 31.5 10
2 20/24 50/150 100 25.4 10
200 31.5 8
3 33/36 75/170 100 25.4 7.2
200 31.5 6.3
Note: the short circuit interrupting capacity related to the fuse cutout body, these data are for reference only.
Also we can make the fuseholder completely as per user request.
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