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Pin Post and Pillar Composite Insulators

Pin Post and Pillar Composite Insulators

Pin type composite insulators are suitable for the use of high voltage line facilities, post type composite insulators are used in substation and etc.
Product Overview
Product parameters
They have good features of good water hydrophobicity, anti-aging, resisting leakage tracking, good electric corrosion proof, withstand high tension and bending force, impact force, anti-shake and anti-breaking capacity. light weight, easy assembly, these insulators can replace the porcelain insulators of same usage.
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Pin Post and Pillar Composite Insulators

Type Rated voltage(kV) Rated mechanism
stretch load(KN)
Structure height
Min arc distance
Creepage distance Lightning impulse
withstand BIL(kV)
Power frequence
FP-10/2.5 10 2.5 250 180 380 75 45
FPQ1-24/11 24 11 278 198 660 145 65
FZS-10/5 10 5 215 180 380 75 45
FZS-35/5 35 5 400 320 750 185 80
FZS-110/10 110 10 1200 1080 2750 500 230
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