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GW-12 Series Disconnectors

GW-12 Series Disconnectors

GW-12 series HV outdoor disconnectors are suitable for single or three phase(s) 50~60Hz, rated voltage 6~12KV distribution system, directly used to isolate the voltage.
Product Overview
Product parameters
If cooperated with load break tool, it can be used as simple load break switch to break small loading current.
GW-12 series new designed disconnectors adopted double support insulators, simple, solid, dual-copper contact plates of silver coating, their terminals made of forging brass with coating, composed of two insulators, steel base, contacting copper plate, manual tripping device and etc, all parts made by use of precise molds and machine, strict assembly and adjustment. As the disconnectors are outdoor operating, all parts have been treated fully with corrosion proof, acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging methods. The insulators can be porcelain type, polymer type or epoxy resin type.
The disconnectors are used in the 3~24KV distribution lines, to switch off/on the lines without loading current, to perform the function of electric safe isolation, it is one of main electric switching devices.
The disconnectors comply with GB1985 and IEC 62271-102 standards.
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GW-12 Series Disconnectors Technical Data

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1 Model GW-12/400 GW-12/630 GW-12/1250
2 Rated voltage(KV) 12 12 12
3 Rated current(A) 400 630 1250
4 PF withstand voltage(KV) 42 42 42 42
48 48 48 48
5 Lightning impulse voltage(KV) 95 95 95 95
110 110 110 110
6 Rated thermal current(KA/s) 20/4 20/4 20/4
7 Rated dynamic current(KA) 50 50 50
8 Creepage distance(mm) 545 545 545
9 Distance of isolated break(mm) 255 255 255

Note: we also can design and produce the other disconnectors as user request.

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